About Me


News Kangaroos is an independently owned, virtual newspaper that refrains from spreading rumors and fake news. We at News Kangaroos abide by a stringent code of journalism ethics.

News Kangaroos was set up by passionate, traditionally trained journalism graduates who aim to bring traditional news to a digital landscape. The publication primarily caters to business and industry readers who want to be kept informed about the latest news and events in the industrial landscape. Beyond the business and industry news, we also highlight the people, places and things that make all those smaller off the grid places great while also recognizing that there’s always more beneath the surface. Following important leads, asking hard questions and researching our facts extensively are our foremost priorities.

Insights and analysis are important for our readers as our coverage help them make key strategic decisions. We have alliances with multiple universities, fact-checking agencies, global media houses and with their help, we bring to our reader's uninterrupted coverage of developments in major industries including healthcare, science, and technology, business, and finance, among others.