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Hononegah graduate believers bus into home plans to venture to travel the world

On a spontaneous outing to California, Baylee Beaman saw communities living moderate lifestyles in vans and buses.

?I saw that and I was like ?Oh I think I want to do that?? So I came home, talked to my mom about it and she said no,? says Baylee.

?Of course I [said] no. My daughter is not going live in a van,? says her mother Kimberlee Beaman.

?So I went on Craigslist and bought a bus instead,? countered Baylee.
At just 18 years old, Baylee is working over three jobs to make her dream of converting this bus into a traveling home become a reality.

?It?s expensive, it?s a money pit, but it?s so exciting and when I am done it is going to be so worth it,? says Baylee.

?She made it happen; she went to every possible source to do what she really wanted to do,? says Kimberlee. ?It makes me very proud.?

Baylee plans to complete the project before she completes school.

?I want to be a traveling nurse, which goes along with the bus,? says Baylee.

Despite the fact that this new experience is exciting, her mom Kim has her reservations.

?It?s super scary knowing she is going to get on this big bus and drive all over the country,? says Kim. ?But she?s tiny but fierce. She will be alright.?

?I am going to go everywhere,? says Baylee. ?I have friends that own a bus and they actually shipped it to another country, so I am not limiting myself to the United States. When I say I am going to go everywhere, I am going to go everywhere!?