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Locast Launches Its Self-Governing Live Television Favour in Los Angeles and San Francisco

Today Locast revealed its free live TV spilling administration in Los Angeles and San Francisco bringing the all out number of Locast markets to 13. Locast is a live TV spilling administration that propelled back in January 2018 in New York City to offer access to 15 stations including ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. As of late Locast has been taking off to new markets including South Dakota. Try not to search for Locast to stop there as per the general population behind the administration they intend to continue venturing into different markets in the not so distant future. With Locast you can stream ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC among others for nothing in Denver, Washington DC., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, New York, and South Dakota.

?We?ve been marching westward, and we couldn?t be more excited that we?ve hit the Pacific,? said David Goodfriend, founder of Locast. ?Now, anyone located in Los Angeles or San Francisco can get their over-the-air local broadcast station?s news, weather, emergency information, or sports programming online without paying an arm and a leg for cable, satellite or subscription OTT service fees.?

?Los Angeles, home to Hollywood and the entertainment industry, loves good TV. Now, Angelenos can get their local broadcast TV stations online through Locast, staying connected to the best in local and network programming,? added Goodfriend.

?With the professional football pre-season around the corner, football fans in California now can watch their local teams on a laptop, smartphone, smart TV, or other connected device without fear of blackouts, poor over-the-air reception, or outrageously priced sports packages,? Goodfriend noted.

As of late Locast had the option to dispatch administration in Sioux Falls and Rapid City on account of liberal commitments from nearby organizations and occupants of these networks. ?I believe that these kinds of local partnerships will be the foundation for Locast?s success for years to come. We hope to replicate this relationship with many local businesses in communities across the country,? said Goodfriend.