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One of the final music streaming holdouts has yielded

Nearby the declaration of its first new album in over 10 years, the rock band Tool has said that its catalog will at long last be accessible to stream and to buy digitally on August 2nd. In an Instagram post first spotted by Pitchfork, the band said its albums would accessible on ?all digital and streaming formats,? which is required to incorporate any semblance of Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and Amazon Prime Music.

Up to this point, Tool has been probably the greatest artists to decline to sell its music digitally. Be that as it may, throughout the years the band's position has become more and more isolated, as any semblance of The Beatles, Metallica, AC/DC, and Led Zeppelin have all caved individually and enabled their music to be streamed as a major aspect of a monthly subscription. Billboard reports that only a couple of major artists are as yet not accessible to stream, including De La Soul and Aaliyah, the R&B artist who passed away in 2001.

As well as being accessible to stream, Tool's music is additionally coming to digital services, which will probably incorporate the iTunes Music Store, the service that came to characterize the digital music time after it propelled in 2001. Fairly ironically, Tool's declaration comes as Apple gets ready to discontinue iTunes, which means the band was only months from successfully avoiding the iTunes generation completely.